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China Urban Water Association
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China Urban Water Association (referred to as "CUWA") is a national non-profit organization specialized in water sector. CUWA established in 1985 is administrated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC and supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

1.Institutional framework:

The highest authority of CUWA is the member representative assembly, which is held every five years. The board of directors is the executive agency of the member congress, which consists of the chairman, deputy chairman and secretary-general. The board of directors (council) holds a decision-making conference every year and leads the operation in the period when the member congress is not in session. As a permanent institution of the association, CUWA Secretariat is responsible for the organization, coordination, supervision and implementation of the important work determined by the board of directors. The Secretariat is led by the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General, and consists of Planning Department, Science and Technology Standard Department, Information & International Affairs Department, and the Administrative Office. The CUWA now has 4 Branches and 10 Professional Committees. (The organization chart is attached below.)


The members consist of mainly organizations and also individual professionals who have made outstanding contributions and influences to the sector development. Corporate members include enterprises and institutions engaged in urban water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, water conservation on investment, construction and operation management, provincial (city)-level urban water supply (drainage) associations, relevant academies of science, design institutions, consulting firms and universities, and enterprises that produce water, drainage and sewage treatment equipment materials.

3. Scope of service:

(1) Organize case studies and field investigations, analyze China development trends and key issues in the urban water industry, and provide support to the Government on developing the regulations, policies, planning and national standards for China urban water industry;

(2) Undertake technical certification and evaluation of quality in the sector;

(3) Compile and publish the CUWA Group Standards;

(4) Organize review, recommendation and promotion of equipment, products and innovations in the fields of water supply, drainage, sewage treatment and water conservation;

(5) Organize appraisal of research results, promote new technologies and new processes, and recommend scientific and technological achievements to the Government;

(6) Organize academic exchanges, capacity training, vocational competitions and other activities in the fields of urban water supply, drainage, sewage treatment and water conservation;

(7) Organize exchange of management experience among water business enterprises, guide enterprises to standardize management and performance benchmarking, and promote reform and progress in the water industry;

(8) Organize international exchanges and cooperation, participate in relevant international organizations and conduct knowledge exchange activities;

(9) Organize the CUWA specialist group to provide consulting services to the members;

(10) Edit and publish journals, newspapers and related information publications; edit China Urban Water Industry Development Annual Report.

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